Cayman Islands Website Design

Technology Solutions is a small personalized website design company located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. We offer quality websites and website related services at an affordable cost.

Website Design

We like to design website using WordPress, this platform offers one of the only ways a user can update their own website without the need or cost of asking for help or assistance.

Website SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization that means optimizing your website to improve its position in search engines like Google & Bing the worlds biggest search engines.

Website Maintenance

Once your website is complete it’s a good idea to sign up for website maintenance. This is where we look after your website making sure it’s backed up and free from any problems etc.

Our Newest Work

Some of our newest work. Click and image to visit the website. Note: some of the layouts and content have been changed by the respective owners.

Mobile Website Design

All websites should be fully mobile or responsive, as nearly half of all users will be view on some kind mobile device. This makes for a great user experience when view on all kinds of platforms.
100% Responsive

All website should be responsive, this means they should look good and be easy to use on any mobile device. This means ensuring the website is built correct from the start.


We like to keep out designs simple and clean, add the right information that users seek, this helps to avoid frustrations and gives the user a better experience while viewing your website.


A website has be be quick, this is especially important when viewing on a mobile device. Bandwidth can be expensive so users want a quick experience using the least amount of data.

mobile view

It’s important that a mobile when have clickable links, if a user sees a phone number, then they want to be able to click it and make that phone call instant and not have to dial manually.

User Experience

Many other systems can be added to a mobile website, like Google Maps, have a user click your map and then have your phone give them directions user Google maps.


Extras like adding WhatsApp to your website is a great way for users to contact you quickly, they click on the WhatsApp icon and it open their WhatsApp and allows them to send a message.

What Our Customers Say

Great working with Patrick and Technology Solutions. They worked all the details out and gave us a great website with all the functionality we needed. Would highly recommend them for any website related work or anything internet, they are the best!- Brian Of London

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