Cayman Website SEO

Cayman Website SEO plans and pricing

SEO is making your website appear in a better position when someone searches for it. If a user types “Cayman Car Rental” in a search engine then if your website was a car rental website we would have used that keyword to help the use find you. THERE is no guarantee for SEO and SEO can take several months before a good position may be obtained.

One Website 5 Keywords

US$250.00per month

One Website 10 Keywords

US$325.00per month

One Website 15 Keywords

US$400.00per month

Two Websites 5 Keywords

US$500.00per month

Two Websites 10 Keywords

US$650.00per month

Two Websites 15 Keywords

US$800.00per month

Three Websites 5 Keywords

US$750.00per month

Three Websites 10 Keywords

US$825.00per month

Three Websites 15 Keywords

US$950.00per month