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Why Choose WordPress

Why choose WordPress for your website?

Cayman Website Design with Technology Solutions are a one stop shop for all your web needs. Cayman Website Design with Technology Solutions specialize in website design and development of website from static simple to full animated via html5, the latest in industry standards. Technology Solutions Website Design also specialize in WordPress that allows you to update your own website so every time you have a small update you can do it yourself, saves you time and money.

Web design

Create almost any kind of website imaginable.

Easy to use

WordPress is easy to use with much help available online.

User updatable

Easy for its user to update and manage.

Multi user

Several people can administer and take of the website.

Saves money

Saves you money because you can update it yourself.


Code checked and updated regularly keeping it secure.


Many plugins available, many of which are completely free.


Change the look and feel of your website in seconds with themes.

Make your website a WordPress website

Start your new website now and receive a quote from us within 12 hours.


Technology Solutions - is a leader in digital services, website design, WordPress, SEO and website maintenance located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

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